Wikinomics (WN) Boot Camp „Various interventions on VET and ECVET”

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Wikinomics (WN) Boot Camp (17th October 2014, Warsaw, Czackiego Street 3/5, 11.00-16.00) „Various interventions on VET and ECVET”


Partners of the „WIKINOMICS” Project and Scientific and Technical Committee FSNT-NOT of Human Resources Development

have the pleasure of inviting you for

Wikinomics (WN) Boot Camp

(17th October 2014, Warsaw, Czackiego Street 3/5, 11.00-16.00)

 „Various interventions on VET and ECVET”

Info: „WIKINOMICS” Project.  The pilot project Wikinomics aims to foster key competences required for employability in the constantly changing environments of the world of work. It sets free-culture, namely freedom of use, distribution and modification via the Internet and other media,  and WIKI methodologies as the basis for an innovative pedagogical methodology.

The Wikiangels network has already used elements of the Wikiskills experience in order to support the Wikithon of the World Bank Knowledge Forum. In Wikipedia environment, a new way of learning is self-developing. By supporting synergic collaborative opportunities, WIKI environments have proved to provide rich learning outcomes in a wide range of educational environments and levels. This is the result of the free licensing culture, sometimes called “wikinomics”.

These two innovative approaches have demonstrated a great potential in developing key-competences required for the future labour market needs, including creativity, innovation, collaboration, ICT literacy, communication in mother tongue and foreign languages, learning to learn, social and civic awareness, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. The WIKINOMICS project focuses on vocational education (also known as vocational education and training or VET) that prepares people for specific trades, crafts.

The specific objectives of the WIKINOMICS project are the following:

  1. To shape a transversal, multi-sectorial key-competences model, compliant with the ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training)  framework, and provide concrete tools and methodologies for its implementation;
  2. To develop, implement and evaluate a training module specially designed to match VET specificities and different sectors, which integrates free culture based on the activity of the participants and Wiki methodologies for enhancing the development of key-competences for employability;
  3. To conduct a series of collaborative wiki-based learning scenarios in which VET trainees will conduct meaningful activities in order to achieve shared results and learning outcomes;
  4. To create a sustainable community of practices among VET actors among Europe, helping each other to adopt new socio-economical and pedagogical models in phase with the digital age.

Programme and plan of the event at,,

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